Spearmint checking his thesaurus for the right words

spearman puts PART III of his off road epic about lodi farms on his page
wrenching in the gears

this is a photo that spearman took of me finishing my fifth and final lap
the lap where I successfully broke the 50 minute mark

who knew that they made cycling kits for Cardiff Giants
(I had to google the term Cardiff Giant as I am a bit of a troglodyte)

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iconoclasst said...

Oof, now THAT hurt! I loathe the lowly thesaurus, my oversized friend. It's on a par with a rhyming dictionary.

Now, I do avail myself of the common dictionary from time to time. No shame there.

Troglodyte?...I'd say more of a philistine, ha!

Off road epic, indeed.

Let's have that beer next week, what do you say?