100 Dollar Reward!

100 Dollar Reward!

100 dollar reward for the return of my wife's bicycle
no questions asked

2007 women's specific specialized rockhopper comp
disc brakes
15" frame
front suspension

contact me
gwadzilla8 @ yahoo dot com

am I desperate?
perhaps... we just want the bicycle back


gmr2048 said...

aw, man. that sucks. sorry to hear it. here's hoping you guys get it back.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry to hear about your wife's bicycle got stolen. It's a cruel world out there. I hope you will get them back :)



It's the thievery corporation. Hope you dismantle that band of bike bullies.

gwadzilla said...

I want you to know...

you are all suspects

thievery corp... they are under surveillance

I am watching all of you!

gwadzilla said...

din is not a suspect
but gary and harlan
I am watching you guys
and all the lurkers too
I am watching you

Anonymous said...

Hi again…

Whenever you'll come to Israel I promise to return your bikes =)

On the meanwhile, you're welcome to come visit my blog, maybe that'll cheer you up a bit.


Jill said...

Man. That sucks.