24 Hour Racing... 24 hour racing?

I drove my car to suburban chicago last weekend for my grandmother's funeral
it was a 14 hour trip

did not drive it solo
my brother and I teamed up and worked the highway as a duo

although I could have made the trip solo
it was much more pleasant sharing the task of driving

that is driving...
riding a bicycle for 14 hours?

ouch! my Shenandoah Mountain 100 times are long
but to ride a bike for 14 hours?
unimaginable... undesirable...
which makes the concept of 24 hour mountain bike racing unthinkable!

but people do it!

Craig at Big Ring's write up for the 24 Hours of Summer Solstice Part One and Part Two

Jill at Up in Alaska hangs with an ultra endurance freak named Geoff

Geoff just recently competed in the 24 Hours of Light... here is his report

John Stamstad was one of the first to race the 24 hour mountain bike format as a solo
since then there have been many others
now there is a 24 hour solo series and a 24 hour solo world championship!

John Stamstad on the Wiki page
sologoat blog
jeff kerkove

the film... 24 solo

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