last night I hung with the fellas while lisa got some lisa time
lisa does not factor in quite enough time for herself
last night she got to do some yoga while I rode bikes with the boys and went up to the main strip for pizza

the boys were well behaved through most of the experience
everyone listened
nobody fought
the pizza took an hour and a half to arrive
there was the standard rocking in the chairs and spilling of the drinks
these things are to be expected of young boys
luckily we were sitting in a spot where the kids could see the television, The Italian Job was playing
no audio... lots of questions
some good action to keep them amused

the manager of the pizza place hooked us up with three slices of pizza while they tried to get out order into the oven
then we were given a discount
on another night I may have responded differently
the boys were fine with the wait
several cranberry juices and a fried calamari appetizer kept them from major meltdown mode

we rode our bikes home
once home... the boys did some laps in the alley
while I took pictures

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