ear bud... headphones... iBod

ear buds?
I see these people out riding their bikes with their ear buds or their headphones
and well... I just do not get it
not for me
when I am riding my bicycle
riding my bicycle is enough

especially on race day!

but... after seeing the iBod product

I think I can see why these riders are so zoned out
it may not be for me
yet I now understand why ear buds have become part of the road culture uniform
it is not just the ear buds
it is the ear buds in conjunction with the iBod

stole this from a design website
they also had a link to the Banana Bunker


iconoclasst said...

That, my dear boy, is brilliant!

sydney_b said...

That's hilarious.

Dr. Logan said...

Well now their erratic riding makes sense.

gwadzilla said...

now I understand why those guys keep it in the saddle when they hump it up the hills!