golf is not a sport

golf is not a sport
golf is as much a sport as poker or chess

at no time in my drunken past did I consider either pool or darts sports
these are games
it seems that golf does have its appeal

this news story adds to its appeal
times herald record
pocono record

I would not complain about my slow lap times if I had these sorts of distractions when I am out mountain biking


gewilli said...

is golf a skill?

is a sport skill or just aerobic?

is javelin or discuss a "sport?"

is baseball a sport?

ya may not like golf (i'm no good at it no fan of it)

Comparing it to chess and poker is not the same.

Golf requires physical practice and skill. Poker and Chess require mental stuff. Golf may be a walk in the park but it is generally a sport.

gwadzilla said...

ESPN claims Poker to be a SPORT
as well does ESPN claim Pool to be a SPORT

sport needs to be defined

my feeling is that golf is a physical activity
a contest
no different than croquet
which is lots of fun... but not a sport

in many ways...
cycling and skiing are just activities... until pushed to a higher level

as far as Golf being a walk in the park... most people use carts and caddies
so it is not even a walk in the park

gewilli said...

but like hitting a home run or making a basket or throwing a 50 yard pass or kicking a field goal...

it is a physical skill to do... ya might not need to be in 'shape' but ya need good mental connection to muscles...

I don't use ESPN as a source for the definition of sport, much less MTV for music video...