had my head right... the weather dogged me

my approach was sloppy
my mental attitude needed more adjustment than my bicycles
I neglected all adjustments till the last minute

tuesday night I spent a few moment on the bikes
not much more than air in the tires
a cleaning and lubing of the drive train
a spin of the wheels and a touch of the brakes

then wednesday I worked on my mind

wednesday was spent glancing back and forth between the Potomac Velo Club site and Weather dot com
the view outside the window did not say much
but the summer rain at lunch did

my head was right
the bikes were ready
so was I

as the day rolled past I decided to forgo the back to back races
ditch the race with the single speeders and just focus on the clydesdale event
did not feel that my mid-week post work energy had what it would take to race two 50 minute mountain bike sprints
especially with that added variable of moisture

with my head right
I left work to meet up with chris mcgill for the drive out to wakefield

chris was on time
I was late

I rolled out with one bike
with a puzzled look chris reached out for a second bike
'one bike?' chris asked
'yes.... one bike'
racing the single with the clydesdales was the objective of the day
but... would be open to racing the single speed as well if we arrived with ample time
which seemed unlikely

with the camera around my neck I started to fuel up as we started to drive across town and out of the city
as we rolled down 14th Street my phone buzzed
I dug through my bag and answered my phone
it was cargo mike... mike was at the race location
the race had been canceled
super cool for mike to call
he caught us before we got onto the 14th Street Bridge

chris and I turned it around

chris dropped me off in the alley behind my house

chris went out and did some hill repeats
I hung out back with my boys as they played in the clubhouse with a neighborhood kid

two more wakefield opportunities
july 18th and july 25th
it is unlikely for me to take the series from doug... the math just is not there
that is cargo mike sitting pretty in first in the single speed class... mike is 'feeling it' this year

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