how did you spend your 4th?

my fourth was mellow...
played it slow

took it as it came

slept late

late for a father of two

got out of bed and moved about the house slowly

we ate a late breakfast then got out for a family bike ride

well... I cruised on my long board while the family pedaled about

we took a spin down the closed section of Beach Drive in Rock Creek Park
a few hours of fun

after a trip to the tenley mini mart for some fireworks we chilled while grant napped

after some downtime we went to my dad's for some grillin and chillin by the pool

we swam as the storm threatened in the distance
after dinner we headed back home where we lit some fireworks off in the alley behind our house
sure we are a short bike ride from the madness on the mall

but... I did not feel like doing all it would take to parade the family downtown

meanwhile in Colorado
there was the Firecracker 50 in Breck
lots of big names racing in that event

looks like fun

it is cool that they have a Clydesdale Class... not so cool that the weigh in is 190

sort of lowers the bar

tinker kicked ass
so did sonny
harlan was there
saw all sorts of other names
but you can scan it yourself
in the Summit Daily News

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the lesters said...

Cool pics! Glad you guys had fun. Lucky DC residents with your firecrackers!