I do not watch sports of tv

I do not watch sports of tv

there are many reasons I do not watch sports on tv
one of the main reasons for not watching sports on television is that I do not have any control over the outcome
which can cause the outcome to be frustrating
cheer all you want... they cannot hear you
cheer all you want... it will not change the outcome

kick, scream, cry, throw crushed beer cans at your plasma screen
it will not have any effect on the outcome

sadly... the same goes for politics
for the most part I do not follow politics
it is just too frustrating
yes... I vote... but I feel like my vote is like all that empty cheering
it does not get heard
it does not have any effect on the outcome

this whole Libby thing
well... it pisses me off
it pisses me off almost as much as the angler

john stewart and bill maher are about as much news as I like to watch
the comic spin kills the pain
as for the colbert report... it is too close to real news for me

I will watch some World Cup Soccer... I will DVR and watch some of The Tour
I will watch sports highlights
I cheer for good play

and spearmint is right... I do watch too much television
almost typed televixen... there is never too much televixen
I like televixen

there are definitely more news vixens than ever!
almost makes me consider watching the news

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