in no time at all

in just a matter of time it happens

think about it
how much time passes before things get ruined
it happens
it is not if
it is when
it is just a matter of how long before it happens

it happens with man and nature
it even happens with man and man made
it happens when man makes attempts to recreate nature

they repaved road by my house
they did not factor in the heavy volume of bicycle or pedestrian traffic
but they did do a nice job of paving the road with a solid set of yellow strips down the middle

in addition to the nice job they did paving the road they managed to get some grass to grow on the road side
before that grass seed could really take hold there has been that negative impact of man
man has already begun stomping on the earth so that it pounds into a lifeless patch of earth

man has already begun tossing his trash from his cars

the grape soda bottles along with the red bull cans are mixed in with a wide variety of fast food wrappers... some wrappers made of paper other wrappers made of styrofoam

it is too bad part of my DC A CIVIL CITY idea surrounds the simplicity of beautification
well... beautification and information

I feel that if things were more beautiful
people would respect things more

if the information was shared
the common sense
the thought
that a car needs to stop for gas... save the trash till you stop for gas

as well as the notions of carrying out the trash that you carry in

so many people enjoy a walk in the woods after work...
they need not toss the empty bottles or ice cream wrapper on the trailside

the cigar wrappers... from what may be proof that "the blunt" is still envogue
well... that small wrapper would fit in a pant pocket

which could stay in the pocket until the next time the wearer goes to the bathroom

it is simple

you will need to go to the bathroom

unload your pockets when you unload your lizard

it is all cumulative
that cigarette butt... it is nasty

the fact that you sit on the same log and finish each nicotine session with a flick of a butt
well... your cumulative is measurable

if you toss the cigarette butts here... you may well be smoking elsewhere
tossing butts there

then there is the shortcutting on the trail

the trail is short enough there are already multiple logical trailheads
there is no need to be creating another leg to the spider which is the trails within rock creek park
the trails need to be narrowed
earth needs to be turned

some earth needs to be brought in

indigenous plants need to be put into place
but that is beyond my point
I am not pushing for people to rebuild the trails

I am not asking for people to even pick up the trash

I am asking that people do not destroy the trails and do not leave trash

the dumping that goes on by the various losers that call themselves contractors

well... that is a crime
a crime that should be focused upon

the Minimum fine... well... that should be just that

if people get caught there should be a class action suit

it is the same people
repeating the same crime of dumping in the same places
it is unforgiveable
but they are not my focus
it is the average person who tosses their trash from the car or leaves their bottle on the trail

it is the person who walks where the grass is fighting to grow
it is the notion of things being cumulative

it is the notion of knowing your impact
on the large scale

on the grand scale
global warming?

we are losing spieces of animals

we are losing the glaciers on this continent

we are ruining things

it is all a matter of time before we ruin it all

we all can lessen our impact
some of us need to pick up the pace
the bare minimum is not very much

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