le tour

le tour

I do not have much to say about le tour

it is beautiful to watch

it looks like the racers are on the right road to being a clean sport

honestly I do not understand road racing and team tactics
as an outsider I feel that there could be one change to improve things

remove the two way communication with the racers

is this cycling or is this a chess match with bicycles

having knowledge of the distance of the breakaway... the pace of the breakaway... the strength of the breakaway
well... that information should be a mystery
not something factored by the managers in the team car

it is annoying to know that the the peleton knows this information
they know the pace of the breakaway
they just need to follow instructions to reel in the racers ahead

okay... not quite that simple
but it is made more simple with the two way communication
instead of the athletes being forced to take a chance and go with their natural impulses

that image is from pez cycling news
and from podium girls gone bad... podium girl jokes... everyone loves a good podium girl joke


Craig said...

Va va va vooooom!

gwadzilla said...


the tour is filled with dirty dirty boys

who of these people has a clean history?