louder and last

in the case of an arguement the person who speaks last is not neccessarily more right
just as the person who speaks more loudly is not always more correct

screaming matches and fights for the last word are usually discussions past the point of productivity


iconoclasst said...

Appropos de rien, n'est ce pas?

You get in a fight with your wife, bro?

gwadzilla said...

no fighting on the home front

lisa is more of the silent treatment type
although she has shown the ability to speak with a forked tongue under the wrong circumstances... like after a few shots of whiskey... luckily lisa does not crave shots

gwadzilla said...

I translated your fancy pants tour de france statement

no argument of the day to conjure up such thoughts
there was a ride the other day that had all sorts of ideas swirling through my head

I thought that that topic was going to grow into something more

iconoclasst said...

Yeah, I was just playing with you, man.

Silent treatment is the toughest, to be sure.

TdF statement...now that was funny!