no camera today...

no camera today... rolled out in a rush to make it into the office on time the camera can be a distraction so I left the camera behind as nice as it is being out on the bike without the camera there are times when I feel like a fisherman watching a fish jump on the other side of the pond that fisherman at the site and sound of that fish across the pond makes an impulse move for the gear that is not there
there is a moment's regret for not having the appropriate gear
sometimes I feel like that fisherman... stuck at the fishing hole without his gear
wondering what his purpose is
there are times that are worse than traveling without the camera a dead battery or a full SD Card can be worse that the absence of the camera that is like a fisherman having his rod and his reel then with the added excitement of a fish jumping in the pond in front of him he realizes that he arrived ill prepared
he arrived without any hooks
this morning I passed an assortment of commuters some of which would have made nice subjects for a photo collage

no worries
there will be other opportunities to capture that fish

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