not the day I was looking for on the bike...

not the day I was looking for on the bike
went to the cranky monkey and lined up with the 35+ Experts
home already

should still be on the course

they stopped the race after one lap
lightning storms
if things passed they would start the race again
I left without being too concerned about things

it was just as well
I was not so pretty on the slick stuff
was not feeling confident cornering
tried to let some air out of my rock hard tires
but that did not seem to help
I was still stuck in slip and slide mode
a drunken tokyo drift
sliding out on more than just the roots
sliding out when trying to roll through a corner

having the race called off after one lap was not a great heart breaker for me
it is not that I am a fair weather mountain biker
I do race faster with greater confidence on dry hard pack
raced at wakefield seven times in the last five weeks
wanted to have some more fun at Wakefield
would have loved to hammered out another 24 miles at wakefield park
another 24 miles to add to the 7 races at wakefield over the past five or so weeks

time to shower

the course felt like it was going to be sweet...
jim harmon had worked in the PHASE THREE GS DOWNHILL
but slick it was no pleasure trip
like riding an icy halfpipe on a snowboard
guess I crave perfect dry hardpacked like I crave powder days

time to shower and clean out my knee

it was only one lap
but it was one muddy lap

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Family Bike Shop said...

Lots of mud in the eyes today. At least I wasn't so blind that I ran you over when you went down in front of me. It was still fun though.