posting bills... staples in trees

can I get the straight truth....

what is the potential damage of a standard staple from a staple gun in a tree when posting a bill/flyer?

I am trying to google this
but not getting the text I need

will expand on this when I get a chance


Meredith said...

It would be quite ironic to see a poster about the environment stapled to a tree.
The best thing for postering is wheat paste or oat paste. Gluten, or the gooey properties of these grains when wet (the same property that many are allergic/intolerant to (IE Celiac Disease), allow for the posters to remain tacked up even after they've dried. Environmentally friendly to make and to use. Of course, this is assuming that trees don't have Celiac too, Ha!

www.celiac.org for more information about the disease that affects more people that don't know about it than do.

gwadzilla said...

thanks meredith!

gwadzilla said...

I did not find any web articles saying that a staple to the bark of the tree was a TREE KILLER

the trees are filled with rusty staples from previous bill postings
no... everyone should not post bills about anything and everything on all the trees

but... the occassional message to the community is not that big of a deal

my feeling...

the Campaign Posters during the election season are really the major poluters

win or lose
these folks should spearhead a clean up!

if more people lived by the boyscout mottos the world would be a better place

"take only pictures
leave only footprints"

"pack it in
Pack it out"

"leave the area cleaner than when you arrived"
(meaning... don't just pick up your trash... pick up the other trash)

I was never a boy scout
not even a cub