too young to have spidey senses

this kid was too young to have spidey senses
this kid was too young to die

a young boy was shot by a driver
allegedly the driver shot the boy because he refuesed to get out of the way

news story from philly @ myfoxphilly

a number of years ago I worked across town
my commuter route was a standard east-west cross town commuter route
the same standard cross town route as the cars

through my neighborhood
on through columbia heights
then shaw
onto new york
then not quite out of town

it was the same shit everyday
total combat
the same assholes doing the same shit
same shit everyday

don't make me start
okay... I started already

always double parked cars
always cars parked on the no parking side of the street
those cars disrupting flow
those cars taking my lane
those cars forcing me to take the main lane

during sections of this several mile quasi hood commute I experienced the same shit everyday
one common feelings was the sense I was standing on the train tracks
standing on the train tracks with a freight train headed my way
the freight train like vehicle moving with no intention of slowing or stopping

so often it was the same style car
a caprice classic with paper tags
this style car never got the finger
this style car never got a word this death is a tragedy

here is a link to that mary jane figure
very cool 360 tool
bummed about the size
at first I thought it was life size
then got stoked that it was fourteen feet tall
it was a serious let down that it turns out to be fourteen inches

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