two things for the parents out there...

two things for the parents out there

-no helmet... no bicycle

-soap and water are more important than Band Aids


Chaty said...

My rule here, Zilla. No helmet, no bicycle! Period.

pedalmaniac said...

you're right. This is "non-negotiable" in our family. the kids don't even question it anymore. In fact when they see other kids without helmets they are shocked.

This rule goes for the parents too.

gwadzilla said...

the parents follow the same rules as the kids

the kids see more than the parents suspect

my six year old asks me all sorts of questions about my efforts and intention while driving...

"were you trying to switch lanes?"
"why did you switch lanes?"
"why did you call that person an asshole?"

our children are far more perceptive than we give them credit for

teaching your child to drive does not happen at 15 years of age

as well for rules like wearing a helmet
I ride my bicycle everyday
my kids see me wearing a helmet everyday

they have never seen me ride without a helmet

as i do not ride without a helmet
it is a strange feeling to ride without a helmet