wednesday at wakefield

wednesday at wakefield
back from wednesday at wakefield number four two thousand seven

the body feels good
had a good day on the bike
did not go for the double
did one single race with the clydesdales on the single speed

had a solid night on the bike
the body felt good on the bike
could have used a stiffer gear
was over spinning and chilling on a whole lot of the course
yet it was still a wonderful night on the bike

focusing on one race on one bike is much easier to achieve
there was no option to get out of work early enough to line up with a dress in the single speed class
there was just too much on my plate
too much that had to be done today

the race went on without any great excitement
the current leader greg was not in attendance
junkins approached the line ready to throw down
junkins set the pace
I matched the pace
junkins dropped off
I kept the pace
junkins cleared "the log" I went around the log

it was wednesday four of the four race summer series wednesday at wakefield

the last chance to talk shit and throw down

I talked shit and I threw down

one race was enough

although I would have loved to have shown up with the single speeds dressed to race

more on this tomorrow

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