at the 2am Club at the base of Mount Tam

at the 2am Club at the base of Mount Tam I was doing shots with a couple of strangers
the night involved a few games of pool
a foolish drunk motorcycle ride on the twisting road towards stinson beach and back
then the motorcycles parked for the night when as the night moved from beer to tequila
somewhere in the course of the night me and this guy with the classic black bmw with those box cylinders were joined by a man who had just been released from prison
he was working his way south down the coast
in the course of our evening of I recall him telling me a poem
I am not sure if he wrote it or if he heard if
but I could picture him looking out his cell room at the world outside as he thought these words

I think in ways of yesterday
with nothing better to do
than ride my bike
and drink a couple of brews

or something like that
there may have been more words
I have these words written somewhere
stored somewhere

that day was pre-digital camera
times have changed
the digital camera versus the film camera
the options and potential of things in the digital age
computers? man... to think
when we were in college we wasted all of our time running around outdoors
wow... the things we could have done with the Internet and all the computer editing toys of the modern age
word processoring was about where the computer was when I was in college

but honestly... I would have had fun with the technology when I had all that free time

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