barry bonds*

barry bonds...

in short
there has been a sports evolution
not unlike the evolution of animals in the wild
the gazelle gets faster while the lion must evolve to be a more efficient hunter
the pitcher has evolved along with the batter

barry bonds was by no means the only dirty bird in the sport of baseball
certainly there have been pitchers throwing steroid tainted balls his way
if not roided out... there are surgeries and such that give pitchers an advantage
so... lets cut barry a break
they are all dirty birds!

cheating has existed for all time
the sport of baseball is partially responsible for turning a blind eye

lets clean up the sports
that said... if I caught Barry Bonds' home run baseball
I would feed it to one of Michael Vick's dogs

okay.... I would not be against the use of the asterisk

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gwadzilla said...

I do not follow professional sports

it did amuse me to see all the mockery of this Barry Bonds character and the increase in the size of his head

the earliest baseball card verses the most recent baseball card
there has been a significant change


I am fifty pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago
without a weight room
without steroids
with some good living
and some excessive eating

but my head has tripled in size
even if in the winter I will have some chubby chipmunk cheeks