Bass! how low can you go?
Death row. what a brother knows.
Once again, back is the incredible
The thyme animal
The incredible d, public enemy number one
Five-o said, freeze! and I got numb
Can I tell em that I really never had a gun?

-public enemy
bring the noise

ian michaels aka bass
part of the fusion that was bells of
don't let anyone tell you that bells of is lawrence mcdonald
bells of is many incarnations
don't let lawrence tell you bells of was just lawrence mcdonald
bells of was many incarnations
but most of all bells of was lawrence, bass, and frito/nate
I called him frito... other called him nate... his name was fernando
the was the longest running incarnation of bells of
it was also the most fluid
those guys jammed
those guys flowed

ian michaels is a cool cat and was a good kid
he turned wrenches for big wheel and then for the bike exchange
and well
as a friend he definitely did me the favor of turning a wrench for me on more than one occassion

apparently ian michaels is in school to learn to build electric bass guitars
there is a big word for it
but I do not know it
that bass in that photo is a base he just made

is that a hot tub?

you tube video
my connection is too slow to verify the video

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hounddogblog said...

This guy rulez the world...and the BASS!