dupont means many things to many people

dupont means many things to many people

dupont circle... the fruit loop

I remember hitch hiking in my early teens with eddie eamon to "the circle" to drink beers with "the hardcores"
one eyed bruce and jason
that guy ed that is now a hair dresser
a teen run away named todd who claimed to be in the band agnostic front
ron... crazy ron and his inabilty to sing the right lyrics
josie and his one eyed dog
people too cheap or too young to go to carmichael's

I remember a time when the circle was filled with bicycles
the messengers would clear a path so post work foot traffic could walk through
it was a mass of messenger bikes
a keg in the bushes was not entirely unheard of
neither were three lap races around the circle in traffic

dupont is a good place to eat lunch on a summer day
I am sure that many people see it as a good place to enjoy a cold one in a brown bag on a summer evening

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