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Garage Magazine
I got a call from a friend who used to be a motorcycle messenger
he knew that I had done a short stint as a motorcycle messenger in the late 80's
and that through my bicycle messenger days I had some association with some of the motor cycle messengers of that era

he was trying to locate some of the people who worked for METRO COURIER in the late 70s and early 80s
Metro Courier is still an active business
owned and operated by a woman I went to high school with

back in the day Metro Courier had a fleet of BMW motorcycles

anyone know of any of the messengers?

I remember being a teen hanging out on the crowded streets of Georgetown seeing packs of motorcycles
motorcycles lined up in front of punk shows
motorcycles lined up in front of punk bars... there were not many punk bars

Tesco Vee (war of the super bikes) out cruising with an assortment of dc rockers on a variety of rice burners
Dag Haus had all sorts of machines that looked like they were from the set of Mad Max
Sweet Pete of Marginal Man looked super stylie in his leathers on his sunburst BMW
Old Man Don had his paranoia... and his real life issues
of course... there was the folks who rode for Archer Courier; Brian Baker, John Reardon, Mike "Big Daddy" Ryan, Graham McCulloch to start a list
and yes thee were more... more... what happened to these guys? did they fade away?

those just happened to be some names that I recall from my circle of friends who worked as motorcycle messengers
who dates back to the early days of Metro with the yellow Beamers? I just can not say
Metro had its fleet of BMW with yellow tanks
where are those motorcycles now?
where are those people now?

where is Lon of European Cycles?
I wonder if Garage Magazine will find what they are looking for


GARAGE said...

Hey, this IS GARAGE magazine calling! We've tracked down Mike Ryan and John Reardon--they're both living here in San Francisco and running a moving company. We've interviewed both of them, among others like Jay Arzoo, Peter Butler, Martin Smith, Alec Mackaye, etc. The biggest problem is finding pictures of the messenger scene--do you have anything at all that we could use for this? PLEASE drop me a line or gimme a call!
Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,
Dan Stoner
GARAGE magazine

gwadzilla said...


I lack photos of that era or those subject...


you may want to check with Mike Ryan and John Reardon for a guy named Alan

if I recall

Alan was a photographer and a Vespa mechanic

it is all very hazy

Alan should have some photos of some people

I do recall him snapping some shots at Dag Haus... I do not recall if he lived there... worked as a messeneger... or what
but he did have a camera

I saw Alec MacKaye the other day (a few months ago) on an old bike with one of his kids on the back
had I had my camera I would have slowed to snap a shot

I just rolled past, shouted, and waved
Alec was focused on crossing the street safely with his precious cargo

GARAGE said...

Great to hear from you, gwadzilla!

I left a message for Mike and John--hopefully they'll get back to me on the mysterious Alan. Can you think of anyone else who may have pictures of the messenger days? How 'bout any old courier I.D. cards, show flyers, related ephemera? I can use those to flesh out this piece, too. I think this is gonna be a great feature, if I can just find these last few pieces to the puzzle...

Thanks, dood!