while at revolutions cycles in georgetown a fast looking roadie came into the shop to air up his tires
or maybe he came into the shop just to come into the shop
asking for the pump to give him purpose
asking for the pump to introduce conversation
not sure if he needed air
I do not recall watching my attention devoted to adding air to his tires

cyclists like to kill time by poking their heads into shops
I wonder if he went into the Bicycle Pro Shop as well as Revolutions

a photo on the wall of george caught his attention
this also brought a quick kinship as he approved of one george on the bike and not the other
then I learned that he worked for george
it seems that george hincapie has a company
or maybe there is a company which hincapie heads

seeing that this guy is in the industry
already liking this man's candor as well as his stance I asked him about Landis
I asked for the information short and to the point
I asked if Landis was innocent or guilty
the answer was more than a word
but I liked the words that I heard

this man believed that Landis is innocent by how he is treated by his peers
he told me that Landis gets the respect of the riders when he approaches
while someone like Tyler evokes distain or disgust

the innocent or guilty one word does not really answer the question
as it still may fall back to the metaphor that I have created to better understand the situation

when on the highway where the speed is marked 55MPH it is accepted that the drivers may go a tad faster
even though the sign marks the SPEED LIMIT
then when someone goes beyond that accepted parameter
well it is that person who is speeding
when in actuality....
it is everyone who is going over the SPEED LIMIT that is speeding

some funny road signs



Jim said...

That's a great way of putting it.

It's about how I feel about the doping. When controls weren't really enforced and everybody did it, it was a sin, but a minor sin.

When it became clear that The Authorities Really Mean It and the sport was starting to suffer, that was the time to put up the illegal stimulants.

Fllandis is probably doing a bit better due to the fact that his testosterone levels, although possibly supplemented unlawfully, still fell below the limits at which a rider would be sanctioned. One wonders how much cheating goes on at a 'detectable but not sanctionable' level - I would guess a lot. His management team still acted despicably at the trial, but people are made of a whole cloth, not a single thread.

megA said...

i think hincapie sports is his brother's company. . .not that it matters. . .

checking in on your today, and i see you've been very very busy indeed.