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I try to tell myself that days off the bike are as important as days on the bike

today I took another day off the bike
it was a rainy mist all day
I rolled out of work in full dcmtb kit
took it straight home
had the camera
but did not loop around

thought it best for me to head home
got home and hung with the boys while the wife went to a meeting at dean's school
with lisa out before dinner I went for the stack of menus and the telephone
the boys claimed not to be hungry
I ordered plenty of chinese food just the same
as it turns out the boys were not that hungry

I ate while they made a mess of singapore rice noodles, moo shu chicken, pan fried dumplings, and white rice
grant centered around the white rice with soy sauce
while dean focused on the moo shu and the moo shu pancakes without any filling
good thing I ordered extra pancakes
too bad they did not send extra pancakes
wonder if they charged me for extra pancakes

after dinner there was a demand for Nintendo DS
it was not so much a matter that I was not looking for at fight
but more that I was looking to play a little Mario Vs. Donkey Kong myself
dean and I played the working device
while grant played Mario Kart with no split screen
which was no issue once the race began
there was no complaint as I selected the character and the course the best I could tapping on the blank bottom screen

my body is worked
still feeling the Fountainhead course from the Cranky Monkey #3
that race worked me
I left depleted
my body is still wrecked
my legs feel heavy
took yesterday off the bike
then again today I went without a post work ride
trying to believe that days off the bike are as important on the bike
would rather get a good work out tomorrow and let my legs restore today

did some mini hikes with my dog and my dad's dog
dog sitting
max is a very energetic black lab
and when I say energetic I mean spaztic

printing some photos for grant's class project
actually... printing out all sorts of random shots of the boys
always good to get some prints
put them around the house
send them out to grandparents
get them off the hard drive and into a non-digital reality

currently printing some shots from the montgomery county fair
but I think I will scan through the archives for some shots from last summer's trip to colorado

the results from Cranky Monkey #3 are up
butch had some photos taken by his brother
not sure if there are any other photos out there
ramos will have them up soon

illana the iguana snapped a shot of me before the start that shows how unflattering lycra can be for my belly

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