I understand.... but from the outside

this post is dedicated to gewilli, fatmarc, my brother marc, and all the other people who are already thinking of cross
I know what they are going through
I am the father of two young boys
they start thinking of Halloween long before I think it is appropriate to think about Halloween
yet I respect it
I let it happen
I accept it

I understand
but from the outside
as I am in no rush for fall
I am just fine with summer
and what summer has to offer
even if that means mosquitos and humidity in washington dc
summer is perhaps my favorite season... but that may be skewd by my memory of being a kid with summers off

Peter from CROSS TALK has an exceptional video


Peter is a local film maker with some amazing jack of all trade talents
his stuff on cross talk shows his camer capabilities
his stuff on the Cervello site shows his complexity
his writing, his direction, his ability to film, his ability to edit, his ability to produce

go to the crosstalk page to follow the links
peter uses some music by some mutual friends Fort Knox Five

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Greg said...

I can NOT believe this post. I am so in synch with it it is part happy/part scary. Awesome. Especially the paralells between my two boys ALSO thinking abut Halloween in February and my passion for 'cross starting, oh, about that same time...just afetr I've hung up the muddy bikes for the season.

RAD post.