if you like gwadzilla..

if you like gwadzilla
you will love these gwadzilla archives!

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all worth a read!

and one more

gwadzilla archive... Robin Hood becomes Boyz in da Hood!


gwadzilla said...

my old truck...
a shot from a five week tour in Europe after college
ah... Holland
an email from a man in Holland inspired that addition

funny to think...

I once had hair!

Frank Brigandi said...

you still have hair, it's just somewhere else now......
I shaved my head for convenience 3years in a row, It was easy, but.. not what I was used to. I always had long hair since I was a kid. It's a hassle sometimes, but not somuch that I'd buzz it down again.
I still don't have chest hair and only have a little hair under one armpit which I think is weird. So, I guess it's all on my head?
How was Holland,got anymore pics of that tour?

gwadzilla said...

somewhere there are photographs that should be scanned before they decay

gwadzilla said...

I should start a new myspace account with that picture

I love that concept

a myspace photo

Marc said...

I didn't know lief garret rode a bike...

gwadzilla said...


Leif the Lucky does ride a bike!