jockey in a claritin commercial

just saw a claritin commercial with a jockey it caught my eye it caught my attention had me wanting to watch the full commerial but that was the first time and it has yet to get me to feel the need to purchase the product

which leaves me curious... is this an accomplished jockey and a well known horse? or was that just an actor playing a jockey and an animal actor playing a race horse?

that picture is from an ad for JOCKEY FOR WOMEN
no... you can go get your own link for JOCKEY FOR WOMEN

not sure if anyone ever gets that the images can often be riddles or obscure tangents
just as I used this image of women in underwear rather than a man on a horse
the other day I showed the image of a supermodel chess pro
slightly obscure riddles
not sure if anyone finds these slightly random connections as humorous as I do

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Billy said...

The jockey in the Claritin Commercial is jockey/actor Kevin Mangold. He road at Emerald Downs and Santa Anita. His website.