monarchs and swallow tails swarm about my belly

monarchs and swallow tails swarm around my belly as I finally took the plunge
today I signed up for the Shenandoah Mountain 100!

The Shenandoah Mountain 100

Gwadzilla Archive from 2005
I will re-read that archive to find inspiration for this event

I will also scan other blogs
sounds like Tommy at Gorilla on a Bike is already battling his demons
I am not sure if the countdown to the SM100 Clock on his page makes it any easier


Tom said...

I thought a pro and veteran of numerous 100's such as yourself would be beyond getting nervous about the race.

I keep re-reading Foleys and Jasons old writeups. Your writeups make it seem too easy.
Where's the inspiration?

Atleast you don't have to worry about your lighting situation.

gwadzilla said...

I get nervous for every race or every major ride

well... the anxiety is more complex

anxiety that can be good fuel for the day

I am certain that the real racers... the pro racers get anxiety just as anyone else would

are you thinking mick jagger does not get anxiety about playing the halftime show at the superbowl

he may not get anxiety about his ability to dance like a chicken
but he may be anxious about whether or not the cd will skill
or he may be anxious about the notion that the rolling stones have traveled far from the place where they began

gwadzilla said...

what is funny is I traveled to the 100 with jason and foley one year

I was anxious
they were anxious
we were all anxious
it was a good drive
we talked about hour goals
and well
we all achieved them

but there is no saying who was more nervous
all I know is that I was very nervous

just as I am certain I will be nervous this year

just as I am nervous now