not a pretty day on the bike

not a pretty day on the bike
I was all over the bike
I was all over the trail

pre-riding a course is not part of my standard procedure
but... this short little lap would have been nice to know better
as it would have allowed for better anticipation of grade and obstacles
knowing what climbs to contest and which ones to bail on
it would have been advantageous to know the start of lap two
if that knowledge were part of me I could have seen the finish sooner and picked up the pace

the results do not tell the battle in the back of the pack
for most of the first lap there was some back and forth between me and a few of the other racers
butch and I played some cat and mouse
tom dropped back than caught his breath and took off

in the final miles I stepped it up and passed a few racers
caught butch and held him off
I could hear his breath behind me

the details are not what they should be
as the whole race is an oxygen deprived blur

photos by butch's brother
butch wears the color of the Outlaw
joe at The Single Speed Outlaw has a write up for the Liberty Jamboree

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camps said...

I think a pre-ride of the SM100 is in order