novelty bottle openers...

a month or so back my brother and I made a road trip to suburban illinois
it was not a vacation
it was a long drive to attend our grandmother's funeral
it was good to get together with family
it was a long drive

on the drive back we passed through South Bend
my brother claimed he wanted to show me the town where I was born
but it turns out he wanted to show me the campus of where he went to college
while in the notre dame book store they had this annoying bottle opener that played the notre dame theme song each time you made contact to open a bottle

a few weeks back I scored a sweet Pedros Bottle Opener as a W@W prize
then yesterday I scored in a swag toss courtesy of the pedal shop at a wuss event
that was a wisecraker 27.2
at at bbq after the event spearmen needed to open another beer
whitehair went for his surly jethro tool
I displayed the swag I had grabbed... the very cool looking WiseCracker 27.2

the question...
what is the best novelty bicycle related bottle opener?

I give a low score to the Jethro Tool for its ability to act as a 15 wrench for locking on the wheels of a single speed
especially the rear wheel of a single speed
the arm is just not long enough to get the tork to tighten anything that needs to be tightened
nor is the arm long enough to offer the tork to loosen something that needs to be loosened... if that previous tool had the arm long enough to tighten things enough

WiseCracker 27.2
(well... I scored the fitting 27.2 for my 27.2 seatposts)

that is Jethro Tule... not Jethro Tule
I love Surly
I love Surly bikes... I love the Surly philosophy
but I do not love the Jethro Tule
and yes... I do love my monkey

Pedros Bottle Wrench

it is what it is.
it does what it does.
it does not ask to be something that it is not
it makes sense to have a bottle opener in the tool box

swag came courtesy of the pedalshop
not only did I score this very cool bottle opener from Ahrens Bicycles
oh... there was a WTB Waterbottle that my younger son grant got, an xl pedalshop all cotton T that my older son dean wore home, and a sigma sport pulse watch
swag is cool
I like swag

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