only parents understand
as much as monday may suck
there can often be a tad sense of relief

as work at work is not always as diffi
cult as work at home
the weekend is up
lisa is back from her girl's weekend

I am done playing mr mom

things went well

we managed to stick to our rough itinerary

friday we managed to catch underdog then watch the planes land at national airport

then returned the kids home past bedtime... easier bedtime

saturday we woke
the kids woke like farmers ready to plow the back forty

I got recruited... I am neither morning person nor farmer
certainly tried to delay things to a quasi rational time... something that seemed like our time zone

stalled with a morning movie... or maybe it was the nintendo ds
maybe it was both
either way I got to stay in bed till a moment that seemed more rational

we hiked the melvin hazen... we got some match box cars from bruce variety as promised... then we went swimming at the pool and lunch at grandpas... went to a birth day party that had a slip and slide and a kiddie pool... grant slept while dean got back in the water... then off the montgomery county fair
we got home at five minutes before midnight
again... out later than bedtime

makes for an easier bedtime... but not entirely free and easy
still the same robotic questions
"can we watch a movie?"
same robotic demands
"I do not want to wear a pull up!"

woke to another morning without coffee
had issues getting the kids moving in the direction I needed them to go

the dog got a short walk across the street... no extended loop on the Melvin Hazen
by the time everyone had a plan and we were headed out the door for brunch the phone rang

it was my mom
I had forgotten that I had scheduled backup

dropped the boys off with
I was spent
grabbed some coffee, a bagel breakfast sandwich, and a bageldog

fueled up
got home and considered getting back in bed

blogged than grabbed the bike

went out to schaffer farms in germantown for a quick two hours on the bike
drove right past the fairground from the night prior's adventure
zipped around schaffer on the single speed
wished I had more time for more miles

but had to free my mom from the always energetic boys

went to my dad's to swim in the pool
swam in the pool and then... well... fulfilled another promise and took the boys to a park with a fountain for the kids to play in

got home in time to meet up with lisa home from her girl's weekend for some carry out chinese
yummy... city lights of china!

the boys were whipped

grant fell asleep to The Empire Strikes Back
dean went to bed without arguement
paused the movie before the yoda scenes began

I am not sure why I am still awake

I am not sure how I am still awake

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liz said...

Nope, not too relieved on Mondays over here, but I can understand how you feel. :)

You guys had a packed weekend!