post work rides...

it is hot
washington dc is bangkok hot right now
the humidity is absurd
the news channels are telling people to stay indoors and to exercise early
well... that formula is not an option for all of us
for me... I exercise when I can
which is normally on my way home from work

leaving out of work I am normally pretty spent
work can take it out of ya
getting on the bike is refreshing
lately I have been trying to fuel up before leaving out for a ride
rather than water or gatorade I have been drinking accelerade
although I can not give any scientific data with control and experimental groups
I can say that the Accelerade does seem to fill me up more than the water or gatorade
which is good... because when it is time to slide down the dinosaur I tend to be hungry
the accelerade allows me to focus on my ride rather than my hunger
sure any liquid will satisfy a person's hunger to a certain degree
but the accelerade goes does smooth and seems to fill me up
then giving me both carbohydrates as well as protein to fuel me up for my ride

drinking the accelerade before the ride works because my work outs tend not to be that long
and I have found that accelerade tastes best chilled
gatorade is also better chilled
as well is water
a warm water bottle filled with gatorade or accelerade is far from refreshing

I would be stoked if one of these energy drinks partnered up with RED BULL
to get me hydrated and amped up!

accelerade has an online coupon
give it a try!

and remember
water is precious!
nothing beats water
so often we reach for something when we should be reaching for water
I am going to get some water right now!


GMiller said...

I've looked for Accelerade in a number of local stores (e.g., Rite Aid, CVS, etc.), but have not been able to find it. Where did you purchase Accelerade?

gwadzilla said...



check that link
then call the area store near you!

shaken not stirred
and chilled not warm


gewilli said...

does it still leave a residue in the water bottle? or have they tweaked the formula?

what flavor are you using?

Chris said...

dang it!

i just ordered a tub of accelerade mtb berry powder yesterday...sans coupon.

i used to not like accelerade, but i won some at a race last year and am now a fan.