psych yourself up do not psych yourself out

psych yourself up
do not psych yourself out

these are simple words
words that may be misspelled
words that can easily be forgotten
words that can be vital to be remembered

I need to remember to psych myself up instead of psyching myself out
there have been several races this year where I psyched myself out
on sunday I had a solid time at the Cranky Monkey at Fountainhead
finished pretty much where I should have finished
but worked really hard to get there
partly because it is a decievingly tough course
and also because I psyched myself out
my approach to the event lacked intensity
my approach lacked focus
my mind often wanders
but on this day my mind was never really there
mainly because I did not psych myself up

scanning some blogs to get some inspiration for a SPOKES article on cyclocross

found myself on GAMJAMS
was reading some stuff
got away from the information and looked at the contributors profiles
an interesting spectrum of road riders
a few of them have blogs
all of them interesting for different reasons


some very good blogs
all worth a visit
I enjoyed them
but I must say
I am not enough of a cyclist to wear white shoes
definitely go check out those sites

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