quick gear review... PC 3FT

at the Liberty Jamboree last weekend there was a swag give away
I scored a few cool things
one of which is this nifty pulse watch by Sigma Sport
it is a cool little watch with a pulse reading feature
honestly... heart rate monitors and power taps do not fit into my way of thinking
but... I do get curious about these things
so I have been wearing this watch for the last few days
I have been using the Ironman Triathalon watch as my mainstay for about as long as Mennen Speed Stick Regular Deodorant has been my scent
so... I figured I would try this watch out

well... it lacks the date
I like to have the date sure the date is on my Blackberry, on the computer, and on the newspaper of the day
but I am accustom to glancing at my watch for day/date/and time
then the two finger touch method for getting a pulse measure
well... this is not as good as the chest strap
I can understand why someone would not want to wear a chest strap but to have to stop and take a reading is not as good as getting a reading on the move
not to mention that it gives one reading... then needs to be done again for verification
to get an updated reading the chest strap style heart rate monitor would give an updated reading without having to reset and start over

then there is the water resistance... 3 meters?
what if I get out of the baby pool and go into the deep end or god forbid... off the high dive!
then the mention of not pushing the buttons when underwater well... this is a drawback
as if this watch is just for runners... not so good for cyclists or swimmers
in my mind it may not be the best option
for me I wear a watch and never take it off
to have to put on a runner's watch to go running
that may be one of the reasons I do not run
too much work
I would research things further and get the advice of someone who trains with a heart rate monitor before buying one
if I were buying a heart rate monitor... I do not think that this product would suit my needs
but as swag.... it fits fine and tells time

sigma sport PC 3FT

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