SBC:shenandoah bike company

shenandoah bike company
I know nothing about the shenandoah bike company
although I have seen their jerseys blur by me in my many years of mountain biking
not sure what SBC is
or who these people are wearing their jerseys
but I do know that I am making the final preps for the Shenandoah Mountain 100
less than a week away and I am throwing a wrench into the machine

a friend of mine hooked me up with his now retired 2000 Specialized FSR
I am weighing the scales of the six year old light specialized double banger
my three year old over thirty pound surly hardtail
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my friend mike is unable to race the SM100
anyone looking to buy his space?


camps said...

You know surly girl won't let you down. How well do you know this other chick? weight ain't everything

gwadzilla said...

I hear what you are saying


those 8 extra pounds for 100 miles would be one thing

as well...
a little faster on the downhill
and maybe a little faster on the climbs

well... maybe I will be able to finish

you do realize that gentlemen do not train

gwadzilla said...

excuse me

that should be gentlemen do not practice

slackers do not train

-a gentleman slacker