SMC in Newsweek... or was it MSNBC?

Hottest for Loving the Great Outdoors
St. Mary's College of Maryland, St. Mary's, Md.

This state school on the southern shores of Maryland has all the advantages of a small liberal-arts college without budget-breaking tuition. The academically rigorous school also has deep ties to nature. St. Mary's 1,900 undergrads take advantage of being on the St. Mary's River. "From sailing, swimming, fishing, beach bonfires, kayaking and crabbing to polar-bear swims, windsurfing, using a seine net for a bio class or just playing with the bioluminescent algae, the river is the single greatest stress reliever on campus," says junior Shane Hall. The sailing team won two national championships this year, and the May Day festivities were as raucous as usual. "Who wouldn't want to strip naked, paint themselves in psychedelic designs and colors, and bike through a crowd of several hundred people at high noon?" asks Hall.

hottest list on msnbc


oh, that pseudo hippie did not go to smc
no offense to the women of smc
as I recall st mary's was known as a safe place to send your boyfriend

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