thoughts of a double banger with 29 inch wheels

tonight I was thinking of a double banger with 29 inch wheels
it was funny

last christmas I nearly upset my two boys when I had convinced them that I had spoken to santa and he agreed to swap all of their presents for one mountain bike for me
one mountain bike
one mountain bike with dual suspension and 29 inch wheels
this joke... this tease... this was not just one night
the whole season I joked about this deal with santa claus

tonight I made it clear what I wanted for my birthday
as absurd as it may be I made it clear to dean exactly what I wanted
I told him the shape, the size, and the color
I clutched him and looked him in the eye as I expressed my thanks for him understanding that this is what I wanted... that this is what I needed
when lisa put dean to bed dean expressed to lisa that it was important to get me this bike, that I really wanted this bike, that they should go to the bike store tomorrow to get me this bike

two problems
dean does not have the money to buy me the bike I want
I do not believe in santa clause

but I still would love to have a totally plush cross country double banger with 29 inch wheels

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