why blog about random people from a different time?

my rants are about cycling and life

why are these random rants about various people from another time?
because these people are interesting?
because the thought about these people may evoke memories and ideas in the minds of those that knew them or knew of them?
because their names were floating through my head?

some of these people were my friends
other were people I just saw around town
all of them are interesting and worth mentioning

someone like andy gore is an interesting person whether stranger or friend
then someone like lefty... well... that name is documentary material
bells of... the music and the story surrounding the music make it worth mentioning
maybe I can point a camera at andy gore... bet he could tell and amusing anecdote of that era about lefty?
how about a punk movie about the people around the stage rather than on the stage
as punk would not have existed without the masses
many people lived and worked to exist
their existence surrounded being in the scene
just living
just living in the scene

oral history
someone needs to record it now
cause when people are gone
the chance to capture that oral history is gone

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