the event of this weekend past was a WUSS: Washington Underground Single Speed event...

there was a major Outlaw presence
JoeyP may have been the only Bike Lane representative
I was the only DCMTB\City Bikes rider... although Rickyd once rode the DCMTB colors
there were all sorts of cool kids from the pedalshop
then there were people who I did not know but looked familiar on their one cog bikes

Joe Whitehair lead the charge
Nick Daniels used his GIS Knowledge to find some shorcuts for two stage wins
Jonathan of the family bike shop did not seem to care about respecting the locals
that freshman was all over the campus!
there was great riding all around
my technical was humbled by so much great handling on the bike by those around me

the ride was as much fun as the bbq
and the reservoir was as refreshing as the day was hot

a good time was had by all
I am certain some images may show up here or there on the net later this week

and of course
special thanks to jim and his family for hosting this event
it was time well spent

saw a few jen green headbadges

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riderx said...

Good riding with you, although your bike was a bit tall for me on that one stage.

I promise a full report on the Jethro Tule once it's been given a sufficient work out.