biomega... where is your sound?

biomega, where is your sound?

that cannondale reminds me of a bike that used to be part of the biomega line
it was glow in the dark
I never saw that bike except for the times in New York City where I saw them hanging in expensive furniture stores as art


all this talk has my mind rolling down various strange tangents
tangents that bring to mind my old cannondale sm 600
I googled cannondale sm 600 under images and two gwadzilla archives
oddly enough I ran into someone yesterday who had something for me
she went and got it from her car while I waited

she brought it out and I knew exactly what it was
it was the top tube of my yellow cannondale sm600
one of those cannondales with a 26 inch wheel in the front and a 24 inch wheel in the back
funny... I knew exactly where she got it
she got it from a friend of her boyfriend's
a guy who lives in richmond
a guy I went to college with
the same guy that worked the cannondale warrantly that sent a new cannondale frame out to california when I rode my motorcycle out there
had that bike built up by a friend at berkley working at a shop called the square wheel
stayed with a friend in mill valley
a friend who is in town right now for the funeral of his brother
I need to call that friend
and I need to thank josh watts for sending this piece of aluminum my way

I used to love the music on the biomega page

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