I would not quite say that he has froglegs

hold on
what is this shadiness going on in the parking lot?

is this a solution to the chattering I have been having with my Specialized Tricross?
or is the chattering an issue with the Specialized Tricross carbon fork? that fork with the funky rubber bumpers

we will see...
I think I am going to get some new tape
then throw a set of Salsa Bell Lap bars on my Specialized
as well as these Frog Legs
then I will see which machine is more suited to my cyclocross efforts

right now the Jamis Nova is winning the race position over the Specialized Tricross


Marc said...

look at all these posts about one 'cross race

face it- you've got the bug!!!!

-marc g

gwadzilla said...

I have just begun to post!


I have cross fever


not to the level of butterflies in my stomach

trying to figure out the NCVC race this weekend

I am still not registered
but I definitely should race
it is a fun course with great race energy