Ibrahim has a Blog

Ibrahim has a Blog
well... it appears that Eric Brewer has a blog about Ibrahim's assault on the Leadville 100

I will have to settle in on catching up with the action

Eric called me this morning giving me the opportunity to ride with him and Ibrahim at Shaffer Farms today
but I had not finished all that I had wanted to achieve this weekend
actually I had not achieved a fraction of what I had intended to accomplish this weekend
I had to pass on the offer
even if this is the last chance to ride with Ibrahim before he returns to Kenya next week

in my short conversation with Eric I learned that Eric and Ibrahim are going to start a bike program for the people of Kenya
I am not sure to what level, maybe they should look to Bikes to the World for guidance on such a program
either way
I will be sure to be communicating with Ibrahim in the future
people are always curious what they can do with their old bike in the garage
we all have an old bike in the garage

maybe our bikes would be better getting ridden in kenya rather than collecting dust in the states

more on this program to come

that image of Ibrahim is from before he got fitted for a prostetic limb
it was in the fall
notice the absence of leaves, the warm weather gear, and the clothing on the woman in the background

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