jazzhead said...

My spoken Japanese is a lot better than my written Japanese, but I'm fairly certain that the characters in this picture are:

ni | pon | ji | ten | sha | ? | ken | kyu | kai

"Nippon Jitensha ? Kenkyukai" means "Japan Bicycle Research Institute." The "?" is a kanji that deals with history. So maybe it's "Historical Research Institute" or something like that.

Great site. I link to it just about every day from RocBike.com.

gwadzilla said...


I will have to dig deeper into both of these sites

thanks for the link
and the inspiration to follow that link further

appreciate it

jazzhead said...

I should point out that the "great site" that I link to every day is yours. I'd never seen the Japanese site before today, but I'll definitely check it out further.

gwadzilla said...

my site?


I do enjoy that others enjoy my site

I often hope that people share the word of Gwadzilla

it is not for everyone
those who don't care for it may leave
and I hope the others that like it come back often