it was awkward... I almost felt bad

it was awkward
I almost felt bad
but I had to do more than satisfy my curiousity
I had to follow my instincts

the other night in dupont circle on my way home from work I saw a familiar bike
well... I saw what appeared to be a familiar bike
so I rolled past and tried to capture a closer look

like some weirdo freak I made a second loop around the fountain
got a better look...
confirmed the make and model
all the way down to the special order disc brake option
could not find the stickers that would confirm this uncommon bike was in fact my wife's
no we did not register the bike...
I do not believe in registering bikes
I had put a few reflective kryptonite stickers descreetly on the bike stickers put there in a way that they look like they may have come with the bike
I could not recall the exact places but nothing jumped out at me
stickers can be removed

I rolled past no more than ten feet
then I stepped off my bike and awkwardly approached this stranger
I asked her if I could see her bike and I explained why
she was helpful and friendly
through the short exchange she let me flip the bike and snap a shot of the serial number
I thanked her
we parted ways
I was genuine but not apologetic this person was still a suspect

called home and lisa scared up the information
the numbers did not match
in our short exchange I learned that this was the bike that was seen in my neighborhood
that her friend had picked it up to do some adjustments
a story that I had heard before but was skeptical of

the serial numbers did not match

I appreciated the candid interaction
she was very comfortable with the situation

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