jbv coaching

jbv coaching
creating sandbaggers
one cyclocross racers at a time

jbv coaching

of course this is a joke

chris mayhew got a kick out this idea when I met him in the parking lot
chris is doing well with his C3 boys
not sure who he coaches other than fatmarc and nystrom
the results with these two definitely says something
not about sandbagging... but about coaching

I am not calling anyone a sandbagger
especially after feeling so bad at Charm City for asking Roger Masse if he gets his sand before or after the race
today Roger doubled up... raced the 35+ A and 35+ B

apparently chris kicked ass in his race as well


fatmarc said...

I actually thing Kris Auer is coaching Nystrom. But Kris and Chris have definately helped us out this year for sure...


Chris said...

To clarify...

Mayhew (JBV Coaching) coaches fatmarc.

Kris Auer (Athlete Development Group) coaches Nystrom.

We are the poster children for making the most with limited ability and in my case very limited training time! 8-)

gwadzilla said...

marc and chris

great racing out there
keep your heart rate up
keep those wheels rolling

you guys are having a fantastic cyclcross season
no reason to slow now

good thing this is a blog and not a magazine
cause if it were a magazine I would be printing retractions all the time

no need to fact check
just post another post and push the misinformation down the page

Kris and Chris are doing an excellent job of coaching

limited ability?
I will buy limited availability
but you guys transitioned to cross with already solid cycling bases

great job

a few more days to enjoy the glory of the days past
then time to focus on the days forward

great job!


Peter Nicoll said...


You can get your t-shirt made at zazzle.



Peter Nicoll
JBV Coaching Client
(still to nervous at races to be a sandbagger)

gwadzilla said...

I am curious is nystrom talking in the third person?

gwadzilla said...

I am curious is nystrom talking in the third person?

Chris Mayhew said...

Man, I had no idea what ADG stood for. Anyways, bummer about the kerfuffle.

Good to meet you this weekend, Joel. Hilarious suggestion. Thanks.

Chris said...

I'm not Lebowski...

I'm the Dude...man.

The Nystrom was merely trying to make sure that both excellent coaches got their due.