lil belgians at charm city

photos from charm city by MLK Images

at the Charm City Cyclocross Event in Baltimore this weekend past there was a lil belgian's race for the kids

if you were to scale the course for the kids against the scale of the course for the adults
the kids had a much more difficult course

the barriers were proportioned to the size of the children
but the weight of a child's bike compared to a child's body weight does not quite match up

the double sand pits were the same depth

the hairpin turn around the tree was littered with acorns over exposed roots

the course was brutal

but... the kids attacked the course like little soldiers
there were no complaints

both my three year old son Grant and my six year old son Dean were involved in the Lil Belgians Race
Grant had better success than Dean
I think Dean burned out from his 16 warm up laps

special thanks to Marc and Chris for throwing this together
to run this race after stepping off the race course themselves is a great show of their level of contribution to the sport

thanks guys
we had a great time
me and the whole family
the boys had a wonderful time even if the course was brutal

taking the family is a joy
but I must admit
it is tough to get focused on the race when I am using all my energy breaking up the endless fights going on in the back seat


Chris said...

The kids race was my highlight of the day. Next year my oldest son will be almost 3 and a half. I hope he does the race.

I was glad that none of the kid's complained or got upset about the toughness of the track, despite deep sand, tough turns, and a few crashes.

In fact, they seemed to appreciate the challenge! 8-) We wanted them to get the full 'cross experience.

gwadzilla said...


the interest of the kids waivers

I register them and present it as an option

they can change their mind at any time

I will do a little to try and pursuade them to participate

but there is no reason to force things

thanks again for hosting this event


Squirrel said...

SaWheat photo of Dean and his tounge of concentration:)


fatmarc said...

I love working kids races, they are so much fun. So much fun.

your boys were great.


Scott T. said...

The lil Belgians is the jumping off point to greatness. Thanks for the comments on my blog. Jake did the few Lil Belgian races they had a couple years ago, then graduated to the 10-16 last year (he was 9 then, but racing age 10, so...).

Marc said...

my kids seem to be much more into soccer than CX at this point, but I love the lil belgians.

charm city cx was awesome, once again.

that place has really raised the bar for course quality and competition.

marc g