loyld flandis

I will admit it
I was star struck
I was at the stokesville campground scanning about for floyd landis
I was listening for mention of his name
when chris scott announced the arrival of loyld flandis I was pumped
lisa and I headed to the campground to get a peak of loyld flandis
we saw neither

a short time later we took the boys to the observatory
in the long line to get to peak through that high powered telescope I streched while I star gazed
the line moved up in short incriments

on our third major shift forward I took a seat on the bench with my sons in my lap
we had waited a long time and we were excited to get our turns
we were coaching the kids not to turn on their light sabers in the observatory
and instructing them to remove their glow sticks
during this pause in the line I struck up conversation with an older mennonite couple by my side
I tried to ask why they were there with questions that could lead me to know if these were floyd landis' parents
a mixture of clever sociological bantor and me being my smart ass self kept me from nailing them down
like kenneth starr I was not able to ask one simple straight forward question

eventually our turn came and we knew more of this mennonite couple
but we did not know if they were floyd's parents

the next morning at the early morning coffee and bagels session I was sipping coffee with my wife as the boys slept in the tents.... we hoped
I approached the couple from the night prior
were revisitied a conversation that was confusing ans sorted things out
we drifted apart then i approached chris scott
asked if it was floyd's parents
they were
then there was floyd
I wished him good luck
then said good bye to the parents and finished my prep for the race
I did not fuel as I should
I forgot my E-Caps
I forgot to drink my Red Bull
I forgot my Accelerade-Red Bull water bottle for my cage
I forgot all sorts of stuff
but I did not miss the start of the race
and I had met floyd landis' parents

after the race at the feast in the pavillion floyd passed by
I congratulated him for his day on the course
he paused and thanked me and told me that it meant a lot
then went along with his post race activities

I should put a link to buddy brigg's phone photo to go with my story
but it is time for bed


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