made in australia

talking cyclocross with shane

I am talking cyclocross with anyone who wants to talk about cyclocros

cyclocross fever is contagious
it feeds on itself

maybe it is time for me to get a taste of the cyclocross fever that is happening around the local electronic community

I know fatmarc has been talking cross for well over a month... sunscreen and cyclocross?
cyclocross should not smell like pina colada
I know that buddy was feeling like his cycling family had done gone cross
he was right
but he saw it coming

said she had some photos of MegA
kerry is in the background of this MegA shot

Chris is talking about his kids and cyclocross practice

rocco another rider from dcmtb that landed in an IF jersey
mud and cowbells reminds me to check in on your left/ cross tim to see how he is transitioning from the single speed 29er to the cyclocross rig
apparently pretty well

then back east to gewilli
already been to Kerry Litka

then back to chip's page in the mid atlantic
need to compare my calendar to availiablitity
there are kids' soccer games and kid's birthday parties
halloween adventures and other fall festivals

and don't forget Cross Talk

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