my brother fighting it out with the elite

my brother fighting it out with the elite crowd at the ed sanders memorial cyclocross event hosted by ncvc

cyclocross has become so popular that they are trying to restructure the classes

they split the 35+ category into A and B
the 35+ Masters line up and race with the 45+ Masters and the straight up Elite Men

it is an admirable step

the duration from 45 minutes to 60 minutes of cyclocross is a step that not many of us are willing to take
chasing down the big dogs is a task above most of us

good race out there

I was able to stay today with the aid of my father

my wife was out of town and I was not sure if racing was in the cards for this weekend
but my dad was willing and able to watch my two boys
the notion of heading out to watch me race with the boys then staying for the lil belgian race was appealing to him
staying to see my brother race was not an option
11-2 is a long day for a couble of kids under six to hang out and watch cyclocross
11-2 is a long day for a grandpa to chase around his grandkids

my dad was good enough to take the kids home while I stayed to watch the elite race

I rang my bell
I took some photo graphs
I yelled out cheers to passing racers
none of these cheers made any sense
my yelling at cross races is like my comments on blogs
my comments on blogs are like my blog entries
my blog entries occur without proofing
my yelling at passing racers occured without proofing
maybe I should save my voice and just ring the bell


Marc said...

yeah- I heard you cheering for me AND todd as we duked it out! "todd's gunning for you!" and "way to go todd!"

also heard, directed at me from the pits- "come on joel!" and the next time around "sorry I called you joel!"

fun, hard racing- 60 minutes is a lung scorcer, especially in this dust and heat the last 2 weeks.

the new A/B split was stressful at first (as in "which race to do??!?!"), but it's growing on me at least for now- maybe not as appealing if I were struggling.

marc g.

John said...

Big ups to Marc - that crowd is no joke! - JW